The core of the rules we’re using can be found in the GUMSHOE System Reference Document – but in particular, we’ll be relying heavily on Mutant City Blues, with a little help from Night’s Black Agents, Fear Itself and Trail of Cthulhu.

In particular, we’re using Investigative and General Abilities taken mainly from Mutant City Blues and some Night’s Black Agents, with the sole addition of Sanity from Trail of Cthulhu. Parapsychic Powers are drawn from Mutant City Blues and Fear Itself, and Sorcery is taken from Trail of Cthulhu and its supplement Rough Magicks.

I’d definitely encourage the use of adversary mapping from the Spycraft section of Night’s Black Agents, but a lot of the other stuff will be less applicable.

There’s a list of things that will provoke Sanity and Stability tests, and what the difference between the two things are.

The (fairly minimal!) Gear rules are worth looking at for weapons and armour.

If we come up with any house rules, we’ll put them on this page.

  • A full list of all pages with any rules content can be found here


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