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Northern England (anywhere north of a line drawn roughly between the Humber and the Ribble), Northern Ireland, and all of Scotland have fallen to the Migou. The fronts of the UK are a constant push and pull of territory, with residents of southern England suffering raids not dissimilar to the blitzes of World War II.

Fighting against the Migou in the north of Scotland was particularly brutal, and unsuccessful. Combined New Earth Government Armed Forces Divisions under the command of Vice Marshall William Morgan have sworn to drive the invaders off the island. Morgan has rallied forces in Manchester to begin an invasion of Scotland. His strategy is to push through the Migou in Scotland, ultimately driving to Norway while the bugs are caught up in Asia.

Once sometimes called the Capital of the North, Manchester is the second largest metropolitan area in England and Ireland. Manchester is home to the refugees of Scotland and Northern England. Manchester is overcrowded, though not especially severely. The arcology was designed for a couple million residents, so there is a little elbow room. The New Earth Government keeps Manchester well-supplied.

While rivalries and fist-fights may have been more normal between the city’s now disparate residents, such things are only a memory. Northerners have bonded with the Scottish and the two are now inseparable. After all, Manchester is home to most of all that’s left of Scotland and, as the Scots have proven before, its people don’t give up so easily.

Bigger divisions based on class – only about half the population live inside the arcology (which takes up most of what was the old areas of Manchester, Salford and Trafford) and they have it much easier than the remainder, mostly refugees, who live outside it (in the “Greater Manchester” areas of Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside and Wigan)

European 2nd Infantry Division prefers to go by their original formation name, the Royal Regiment of Scotland

The Critical Incident Response Division (CIRD) of the FSB responds to national emergencies from a civilian standpoint. They work closely with the military to coordinate civilian emergency services and communication to deal with any kind of crisis, from terrorist bombings to national disasters to Migou or Cult attacks. Obvs major presence in Manchester due to proximity to the front.

Population: around 9.5 million (of which refugees make up around 85%) – compared to 2011 population for all of Greater Manchester of around 2.5 million.

Lay of the land

  • Neighbourhoods, landmarks, exceptions
  • Gateways
    • The M60/62 is the key route. Manchester Airport is the airport, the key train stations are Piccadilly and Victoria for end points, but Oxford Rd. is also very important. Piccadilly Gardens is the main bus terminal.
  • Marketplaces
    • Trafford Centre
    • Lowry/Salford Quays
    • Northern Quarter including Afflecks palace
  • Home turf


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