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The campaign will be set in the Manchester arcology, the major settlement closest to Migou-held Cumbria and Scotland. The central concept is of a newly formed Joint Task Force between the Federal Security Bureau and the Office of Internal Security, supported by the Ashcroft Foundation, with the stated purpose of pursuing a criminal case against a Micrologic executive who a senior Ashcroft employee believes is somehow corrupt.

It’s mostly about investigation, mystery, cults, the occult, inter-agency bickering, trust and betrayal. Also eldritch horror.

As a note, there are a few things in Sorcery and Parapsychic Powers (I’m thinking of Magnetism, Beckon the Mystical Unborn, Manipulate Passion and maybe Beckon The Unexpressed in particular) that I would want a full and frank discussion about with the player group before including them. If the group is OK including those themes, then I will be too, but equally if anyone wants them gone, or handled differently, that’s absolutely fine by me. CN for potential sexual abuse, potentially transphobic or trans-insenstive content, and the use of infant corpses in the powers listed.

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